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…to Invictus Media Partners, a California based independent production company, was founded with the mission to develop and produce entertainment in different genres for various media. Established by a seasoned team of professionals with years of experience in film, business development, corporate finance and marketing, Invictus is well positioned to capitalize on the growing success of the studio film and “indie” film industries.

Invictus’ direct access and long lasting relationships with “A” list actors, directors, writers, and top talent agencies, has created a financing scenario which allows for the production of high-quality content with significant cost savings. This scenario greatly reduces financial risk while maintaining all the upside of Hollywood blockbusters, a competitive advantage rarely seen in the indie film industry.

The Company will produce a series of feature films and tv series in genres such as drama, dramedy, comedy, horror and thriller providing exposure to huge upside potential while mitigating downside risk. By creating a slate of films and tv series with “A” list talent and access to a variety of distribution channels such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, HULU, Video on Demand and Cineplex.

Meet The Team

Participate in Hollywood’s multibillion dollar industry

Unique approach to the studio and independent film markets

Management has a track record of success with a combined 50+ years in film & entertainment

Over $600M of revenues generated from past films

Numerous awards and recognitions

Access to Hollywood’s top stars/directors/ writers

Distribution channels in place

Increased negotiating power and complete control over production, distribution and marketing

A diversified, low-cost, low risk, high quality film portfolio minimizing risk exposure while maximizing returns

Risk mitigation strategies to safeguard shareholder equity

A shift to streaming services worth an estimated $42.6 billion in 2019

Blue sky potential with multiyear revenue streams

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