• DDA has played an integral role in bringing the some of the greatest filmed entertainment of the past 50 years to worldwide attention.
  • DDA is the leading global film and entertainment communications practice, offering a bespoke service and a truly worldwide reach for the creative industries
  • DDA’s broad portfolio of services includes public relations, strategic consultancy, event management, digital & social, insight & analytics, brand development, creative design, and awards campaigns
  • Product Placement is an advertising technique to promote products and/or services through a non- traditional advertising approach, usually through appearances in film, television, or other media
  • While references to brands (real or fictional) may be voluntarily incorporated into works to maintain a feeling of realism or be a subject of commentary, product placement is the deliberate incorporation of references to a brand or product in exchange for compensation
  • Works produced by vertically integrated companies (such as Sony) may use placements to promote their other divisions as a form of corporate synergy